March 11, 2014

Human Fetus PowerPoint Template - Human fetus PowerPoint background - Medical PPT Templates

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March 09, 2014

Canduceus PowerPoint Template

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March 04, 2014

Digital Thermometer PowerPoint Template

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December 18, 2013

Explain the Effects of Alcoholism with Excellent Templates

Taking alcohol as the part of regular appetite may be standard for some people but its long exposure cause the problem of alcoholism that affects normal health. Being preoccupied with alcohol further increases the problem as this is the progressive disease that goes severe if not controlled. No one can predict that how much as an alcoholic person can drink, but the person continues to use alcohol even when it causes problems and other severe risks. 

Alcoholism is now a common problem and is widely found among many people. Further, Binge drinking leads to faster development of alcoholism and other chronic diseases found in teenagers and young adults. There are many problems that are necessary to spread among the people in order to help them avoid severe circumstances. But for that you should necessarily adapt the most viewers-centric mode. Although there are many ways in which you can express your research, ideas and theories regarding, but considering PPT presentations have been found to be most suitable model for delivering the widespread of alcoholism and its effects.

Alcohol PowerPoint Templates

Using excellent Alcohol PowerPoint Templates will increase the efforts of your efficiency and will help you to make the most exceptional presentations instantly. Made with serious design approach these templates will also help you explain that the disease is associated with increased risk of anxiety, such as PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). Although ready-made slides require only text changes but these slides are fully editable to let users make modifications according to their own personal requirements. Downloading the incredible PPT presentation from the most suitable source can help you find the most compatible template that will help you explore the increased risk of developing alcohol disorders, abuse and dependence in people who have undergone the increasingly popular gastric bypass surgery. 

The most stunning Alcoholism PowerPoint Background can be used to explain the health risks and social problems adhering to the topic. Using pretty well organized slides will also provide you enough space to insert the text and graphical features and will help you to explain each and every concept very clearly and carefully. You can explain your audience how high alcohol consumption can rewire the brain circuitry and to what extend it can affect the life of any person. By inserting various observations of your research you can also suggest people that it is more difficult to bounce back from a traumatic event for people who drink heavily in their lives.

May 22, 2012

Create better health with creative Powerpoint Tempaltes

Health Play a crucial role in our day to day life either we are in the field of Education or any where else .The daywe all remember the days of walking into our Health class, a very boring part of the Physical Education curriculum. We usuallysit  in the class each day and just be there as we listened to our teacher lecture on various health topics. It was so methodical in nature. We listened, raised our hand to answer a question, reviewed, and were given a quiz or test before moving on to the next topic. Nothing new or exciting, no interaction, just sit and listen.

As our teacher or professor Walk into a Health classroom usually the found only few students in the class room. No longer are the students just sitting behind a desk listening to the same boring and old hum-drum lecture. Teachers mainly  try to make the lesson as interesting and interactive as possible. They want to get everyone involved and make students really think about the impact of the lesson that is being taught but only few get concentrate over it. How do we do this as Health and Exercise Science teachers? I will use a lesson that I gave on bullying, a very hot topic in education today. This type of lesson could be spread out over a few days. It is a powerful lesson; one that I hope would remain with students as they continue through life.
But we all minly realize the inportance of that class when we pass the age of 35. So we all should noty worry about all these things powerpont presentation help them out to play or regain their health and get them fit. Teachers mainly use these ppt presentation to get the attraction of the students towards these classes

we are Now is a good time to discuss Heart Health. "Heart disease" covers a multitude of medical problems like High Blood Pressure, Stroke, High Cholesterol, Heart Attack - the good news is that it's preventable. These diseases Taking care of your body is important if you want to enjoy every bit of this wonderful life we're living.So try to keep avoid those things which sets back us in so many respects.

Here are my tips for healthier hearts.

1.Take Grapes as much you can - yes, grapes! Eating foods rich in polyphenols which helps to reduce the risk of heart disease, according to a review article given in the month of  November, 2008, issue of Nutrition Research. It has been given or being seen that Grape seeds, grape skin, and grape juice contain polyphenols. The report concludes that grape polyphenols can help to slow or prevent cell damage. In particular, these compounds help decrease LDL ("bad" cholesterol). Preventing cell damage is an important step in deterring the development of atherosclerosis. Thay also help us to reduce abnormal heart rhythms, and lower blood pressure. All this from the mighty little grape.

2. Eat Slowely .   When you eat, take the time to really savor each mouthful. It has been seen by so many research that it takes about 20 minutes for the signal from your stomach to reach your brain and tell it you are full. People who eat fast tend to over-eat and gain more weight and it's tough on your heart to carry around that extra weight. For any info:

3. Do Execise Regularly:We all mainly go for the walk in daily routine . Walking is one of the  exercise that all  about everyone can do and easily perform. It's one of the best ways to prevent from diseases that can attack our body when it's inactive.  Nevr forget to breathe deeply when you walk. The combination of deep, full breaths and exercise will send fresh, oxygenated blood throughout your body making all the organs, glands and muscles healthier and happier.

4. Often Lough . Laughing  truly is the best medicine to get rid of our diseases.Always  Watch a funny movie, Attend a laughing meditation. Laughter is one of the best  exercise. Further, it enhances your core body work-out, fills your lungs and body with oxygen, clears your breathing passages, and exercises your lungs. This is really important for people who don't get regular aerobic exercise.  When we laugh our bodies release a veritable cocktail of hormones & chemicals that have powerful effects. Stress is reduced, blood pressure drops.

Always go for the motivational ppt , these things also help us to get rid of our problems

5. Ralax the body : Relaxation of the body is the best way to completely rest both your mind and your body which is also important for reducing stress and improving heart health. I recommend sitting on the floor with your hip right up next to a wall. Then slide your body down to the floor while you slide your legs up against the wall. Breathe Deeply and remain in this relaxing position for at least 5 minutes. You can listen to a guided meditation if you'd like. This helps to keep your thoughts away from what you have to do next and in to relaxing your body.

In all these things which we perform are in our daily routine  in between all the one thing which play a vital role is the time . How we get manage our time after performing all these things so for this we go for the time management ppt.

March 22, 2012

Interesting Tips to Improve your Heath

Here are some Tips to get sound body
Take a good sleep or rest properly.
Do exercises.
Take a walk for only 30 minutes daily.
Do not eat junk and unhealthy foods.
Take care of skin properly.
Drink sufficient water for our body.
Try to relax your mind.
Reduce Alcohol

Some of the tips to increase your fitness

Visit for checkup regularly  
Start exercise slowly
Keep moving all the time
Know your challenges
Reward yourself
Wear the right shoes
Join a class
Follow a well-rounded program

Read more about dehydration symptoms on our   Health PowerPoint Slides

Symptoms,Prevention And Cure Of Dehydration

Dehydration or hypo hydration can be defined as excessive loss of body fluid. It is generally removal of water. Dehydration is a state when human body gets depleted of water and salts.

Types of dehydration:
Hypotonic, hypertonic and isotonic are three types of dehydration.
Most commonly seen type of dehydration is isotonic dehydration, but one should understand the difference of isotonic, hypotonic or hypertonic dehydration
Hypovolemia is decrement in volume of blood plasma. It is very important to understand that dehydration mean loss of water, as water and solute. Read more on Medical PowerPoint Slides

What are the symptoms of dehydration?
Symptoms of dehydration depend on people to people. Read more about dehydration symptoms on

Adults Dehydration Symptoms of in Adults:
Dark-colored urine
Low blood pressure
Inability to urinate and sweat
Wrinkled skin

Most Severe Dehydration Symptoms :
Increased heart rate
Increased body temperature
Difficulty in breathing
Decreased or painful urination
Muscle cramps
Dehydration Symptoms during Pregnancy

Headache or Migraine
Dark yellow urine
Dryness and looseness of skin

Causes of dehydration

Not drinking enough water
Conditions that cause the body to lose too much water
Excessive diarrhea
Serious burns
High elevation
Aldosterone deficiency
Type 1 diabetes
Kidney failure
Read more about dehydration causes

Dehydration Treatment

The first step in treating dehydration is. For healthy adults,. Water needs will be greater for certain people, such as athletes or people who live at high altitudes or in hot, dry climates. Athletes may benefit from drinking a solution, such as Gatorade, that is fortified with the electrolytes that are lost through sweating....
This includes drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water every day. Read more about dehydration treatments
on Dehydration PowerPoint Templates

Electrolyte drink should be given
Read more on how to treat dehydration.

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March 19, 2012

Why Your Children Suffering From Appendix Pain

Appendix Powerpoint Templates :- Parasitic diseases account for a large proportion of human morbidity and mortality, and doubtlessly contribute significantly to morbidity and mortality among all animal populations as well. In this sense, parasitic disease is an important ecological force shaping the biosphere.

Traditional medicine depends on drugs to kill the parasites; they may give temporary relief, but that is more likely to harm the digestive processes and create other complications. Naturopathy, on the other hand, aims at strengthening the intestines so that they can purge themselves of the parasites. The stools of a child suspected to be suffering from threadworms could be examined visually: in some cases they would be found sticking to the anus of the child. Medical Powerpoint Templates

Cold compresses and mudpack applied from the navel to the pubes can also help in the initial stages of the treatment. Juice of garlic could also be taken recourse to since it kills the parasites without harming the patient. claim token: 8AW9N3BU4KG9

Round worms, are the giant worms present in the intestines that cause the disease known as ascariasis. It is found in almost all the countries. These worms are off-white in color, are long and thick and are most frequently seen in children. Eggs produced by them are passed in stools. When children play in the soil contaminated with the eggs, they are easily transferred to the mouth via dirty fingers, particularly by children living under unhygienic conditions.

There are three most commonly used herbs to get rid of such organisms. These herbs are wormwood, common sloves, and black walnut hull. Wormwood is a known tonic and it aids in improving the stomach's functions and normalizing one's appetite. Black walnut hull and common sloves are two herbs usually used to expel different types of intestinal worms. So when you buy colon cleansing of parasites medicines, check these three herbs in the ingredient list. source: link

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March 05, 2012

Health Care Has Had Such A Positive Impact On Both Patients And Staff Alike

Health care has Transforming Care programme of work has allowed nurses to spend more time at the bedside; has improved ward environments and contributed to a significant reduction in pressure ulcers. From its inception as pilot work on a handful of hospital wards, Transforming Care has spread to all health boards and NHS trusts, becoming an integral part of day-to-day work.
It has been developed and delivered by the National Leadership and Innovation Agency for Healthcare and is a key part of 1,000 Lives Plus, the national improvement programme supporting organisations and individuals to deliver the highest quality and safest healthcare for the people of Wales.Professor Jean White, chief nursing officer for Wales, said: “Transforming Care has had such a positive impact on both patients and staff alike. The focus has been on improving the quality of care delivered and ensuring a better experience for patients.
“It has enabled frontline staff to often make small, but significant changes for the benefit of their patients, leading them to spend more time at the bedside. This in turn has provided the opportunity for patients to communicate their needs, resulting in a better hospital experience and faster recovery.
One of the most significant benefits of the Transforming Care work has been the redesign of systems and processes to enable nurses to spend more time directly caring for patients.Staff are now spending around a third more of their time with patients, which not only improves their care, but also communication allowing patients to express their needs and be listened to.Better designed wards with appropriate and easily-accessible equipment are ensuring less waste and more efficiency. copy
Work to reduce pressure ulcers has also been delivering tangible results with many hospital wards across Wales going more than a year without a single incident.A zero tolerance approach and the widespread implementation of a new care bundle means that pressure ulcers are once again regarded as something to be avoided at all costs rather than an inevitable occurrence.Judith Bowen, the Transforming Care lead at Hywel Dda Health Board, said: “The zero tolerance approach and the new care bundle has given us a consistent and structured way of delivering care which is really benefiting the patient. Visit-  Healthcare Powerpoint Templates
Staff have embraced the work so much that if, on the rare occasion a pressure ulcer does develop, they are devastated and passionate about reviewing and reflecting on practice to avoid it happening again. Better organised and tidier wards together with improved risk assessments is helping to reduce the number of patients who fall in hospital and Transforming Care also includes a new focus on the specific needs of patients with dementia.Jan Davies, director of 1,000 Lives Plus, said: “Transforming Care is helping healthcare staff to build the kind of NHS that we all want to work in – and more importantly, that we would all want to experience if we were patients.
Patients and families are seeing the real benefits of the work – person-centred care, better communication, more pleasant ward environments and increased dignity for patients

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